Oberon for GNU/Linux ToDo list
The following table describes things that have to be done to make Oberon for Linux a bit more attractive.
If you think you could do one of these things, please do so.
If will of course try to support you in any way possible. Just send me an e-mail
Description Complexity / Difficulty worked upon by
Make Files.Length a call to a C-Library function instead of caching it's size. This can be a serious trap for programmers. medium none
Two clock elements slow down oberon to the point of uselessness. unknown, expectedly easy none
Sometimes a trap viewer appears, giving a XWindow BadMatch error.
This could be a problem of XServer Software as well
Try to make this error reproducible.
unknown none
Checking (and updating) the whole set of documentation as well as the FAQ. easy none
Making a list of all tools, their purpose and links for further reading. easy none
Porting the Profiler from Windows-Version. Everything but the timing methods should be completely portable. medium none
Checking the Oberon font. Some characters (underscore, german sharp s) seem to be missing. Using the FontEdit - Tool one could improve the fonts. (mail me for the Font "sources")
One should also check FontToBDF.Mod: The generated font doesn't seem to be spaced correctly (e.g. when used as font for an xterm)
easy none
There seems to be support for assigning often used commands to function keys in Oberon for GNU/Linux. Find out how this can be put to use. See Oberon.Mod and Kernel.Mod. medium none
AccessElems leave visual garbage. Find out why. medium none

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