Oberon for GNU/Linux

This is my attempt to produce an Oberon V4-Version for Systems running Linux/GNU that closely resembles the packages for Windows & Macintosh maintained by the Department for System Software at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria.

Oberon for Linux should properly be called Oberon for GNU/Linux systems, since every Linux system uses a huge amount of GNU software. To give credit to the people at GNU I'll use the term GNU/Linux throughout. Have a look at http://www.gnu.org/gnu/linux-and-gnu.html to see what it's all about.
Oberon for GNU/Linux will of course run on every Linux Distribution (Red Hat, Debian, SuSE, etc.).

Release 1.7 (Codename 'Rise of the dead') lets Oberon run on newer Linux Systems (tested on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, known to run also on Debian Sarge). It adds a new wrapper-library which amends problems with new libpthread.so Versions. It is dedicated to the brave people in Erfurt, who use Oberon for teaching ;-)
1.7.02 fixes wrong Source Code for Kernel.Mod and also fixes a crash when loading TCP.Mod
This release is a maintainance release without any new features. I'll gladly accept any kind of bug report, though due to time constraints I cannot guarantee that I will fix them.

Choose one of the following dowload sites:
Site .tar.gz Comment
This server (via HTTP) oberon-1.7.02.tar.gz (3.9 MB) Might not work for firewall reasons.
Sourceforge.net oberon-1.7.02.tar.gz (3.9 MB) Probably best performance.
Yahoo Groups oberon-1.7.02.tar.gz (3.9 MB) Yahoo Groups login needed.

Be sure to read the Installation notes.

The (outdated) list of known bugs can be found on oberon.linux.bugs.html .
Please do also have a look at the ToDo list to see if you can in any way contribute to the development.
I've also begun to write a list with useful tips and tricks.

Please report any bugs you discovered or suggestions/proposals to effad@gmx.at.